We support a healthy and active lifestyle

An important element of our activity is supporting events aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and the development of culture in our voivodeship. Here are some examples of festivals and events that we support:

Bieg Szerszenia (The Hornet Run)

THE HORNET RUN – organized by the Oleśnica Runners Club, it is a night marathon around the City Ponds and the Park of the Dukes of Oleśnica. The event aims not only to promote a sport healthy for the body and the spirit, but also to build a community of runners by sharing a feast around the campfire and cultivating the rites of the Kupala Night.

The event is led by the slogan: I am not living to run better. I am running to live better.

Pogrom Wichra

POGROM WICHRA – this is an extreme obstacles run, first organized in June 2011 by a soldier of the 1st Special Commando Regiment – Sławek Wiatr. The inspiration for POGROM were polygons, missions, heavy and arduous training which are the everyday life of a Special Forces soldier. The run gives an average Joe the possibility to see themselves in extreme conditions and feel like a commando!

The Family Running Festival CAŁA OLEŚNICA BIEGA

The Family Running Festival CAŁA OLEŚNICA BIEGA is aimed at popularizing running as the simplest form of physical activity, promoting the city of Oleśnica and continuing the tradition of running for the Memorial of Bogusław Psujka. Children are also allowed to take part in the run. The „Bieg Krasnala” (The „Dwarf’s Run”) is prepared specially for them.

It is worth mentioning that any payments required to take part in the marathon go to charity.

Oleśnica Circus and Art Festival OFCA

Oleśnica Circus and Art Festival OFCA- this artistic event fills the streets of the city with a magical atmosphere and imparts color to the space thanks to the circus tents while the amphitheater is being warmed up with fire shows. Thanks to artists such as LORDS OF FIRE, MATTHIAS ROMIR and Mr. Ząbek, we discover new possibilities of illusion and art takes on a new dimension.

We also take care of our local sport – we sponsor the Oleśnica basketball team Team-Plast Koszykarski Klub Oleśnica. The team was founded relatively recently – in 2013, but already climbs up in basketball leagues tables. Many Youth Polish Championships winners with multiple medals and several other experienced players play for that team. 

Rock music is very popular in Oleśnica. Therefore, we can’t sit quietly when there is a Rock Festival organized here! Since 2017, we have been contributing to the development of rock and festival culture in our area. At the Rock Festival, you can listen to such celebrities as Organek, The Walkers, Hipnotyk or Nocny Kochanek.