Openwork fences

According to the Polish law, every construction site should be fenced in a way that no unauthorized persons can enter the site. The most popular way at construction sites are temporary fences, not fixed to the ground, such as openwork fences. The fence frame is welded or pressure welded so that it forms a rectangle measuring 3.5 x 2m or 3.5 x 1m, and the inner space is filled with a grid of thin rods. The whole fence has a protective zinc layer, which slows down the corrosion process and extends its life span. The assembly of the fences is very easy and fast. A concrete base plate is placed on the ground which provides stability for the entire fence, and the fence frame is inserted into the appropriate holes in the plate. Next, the two adjacent fence frames placed in the concrete base plate are fastened in their upper part with a coupling to reinforce the structure.

The use of openwork fences

Openwork fences are mainly used at construction sites and mass events where there is a need to fence certain areas without fixing the fence to the ground. Thanks to the quick assembly and disassembly, these fences irreplaceable. Openwork fences are translucent which has both pros and cons. The pros are greater resistance to wind compared to full fences (opaque fences). Often, such fences are also used to fence a replacement traffic or to outline certain passages. The cons include the lack of possibility or limited possibility of assembling the fence on uneven or unstable ground.

Full fences

Temporary full fences are perfect for securing construction sites, industrial areas and roads. They will work wherever a mobility of the fence is required. The modular fence system allows for their quick assembly and disassembly.

Due to its construction, full fences provide discretion and protect the area from dust and wind.

The use of full fences

The method of assembly and their use is the same as in openwork fences. The most important difference is the dimension (2.9 x 2m) and filling of the fence frame (in case of openwork fences it is a wire grid, while full fences have corrugated steel