We are the host of this year’s Scaffolding Forum!

The next edition of the prestigious Scaffolding Forum, organized by the Polish Commerce  Chamber of Scaffolding, will be held on 7 September in Spalice and Wrocław. This year we have the honor to be the co and host of this event.

The forum will be divided into two parts – demonstration and seminar.

The demonstration part will take place at the headquarters of our company in Spalice and will consist of inter alia. such shows as „Installation of Geda anchoring” or „Forces acting on the body when falling from a height”. We will also present our own practical lecture entitled „A shameful truth about scaffolding – means what we have and what we do not use during scaffolding operation”.

After the show part, we move to the Boutique Hotel’s in Wroclaw, where the medals „Meritorious for the scaffolding industry” will be awarded, and the VII edition of the „Scaffolding of the Year” Competition will be decided. At the end, a great cruise on the Odra and supper on the ship Wratislavia await the participants.

Among the people present at the forum will be representatives of offices and associations responsible for safety at the construction site, members of the Scaffolding Chamber, editors of the trade press and representatives of local authorities.

We look forward to September!